Globie Graduating Seniors for Spring/Summer 2015

June 13

Twenty two Global Resource Systems students are to be recognized as graduating seniors during the 2015 Spring /Summer graduation ceremonies on May 9.  Our congratulations and best wishes for the future go out to all of these students!

Spring 2015
Jordyn K. Algreen
Morgan Bobb
Rachel A. Brosh
Rebecca R. Chamberlin
Carolina L. Covington
Nathan W. Davis
Neil B. Gerstein
Cameron F. Hall
Andrea F. Matthews
Haley J. Newberry
Trisha J. Nielsen
Kimberly W. Pantzlaff
Rachel A. Pierce
Alisa Salesevic
Mitchell E. Steimel
Connor C. Stein
Genna R. Tesdall
Stephen A. Todey
Stephanie V. Tran
Gerrit R. Vandenberg
Lincoln C. Wells

Summer 2015
Abigail B. Green
Erika Y. Mireles