Team KinoSol wins multiple pitch competitions

June 13

Since returning from the Thought for Food Challenge Summit in Portugal in February, Team KinoSol has won cash prizes in a series of pitch competitions.  KinoSol is a mobile food dehKinosol Pappajohn New Venture Checkydration unit targeted for use in market in the less developed world where access to electricity and refrigeration may be limited and nutrient deficiencies are prevalent.

First, the team participated at the Entrepreneurship & Innovation Learning Community’s fourth annual Innovation Pitch Competition on March 10th.  The team, represented by Mikayla Sullivan, received a $300 prize from the Pappajohn Center for Entrepreneurship for the Best New Social Venture.

After several trips to the Twin Cities to participate in the Innové Project pitch competition, the team was notified on April 22nd that they were awarded $35,000 to develop and market the KinoSol dehydrator concept.

Most recently on April 27th, the KinoSol team won a $5,000 prize at the Pappajohn Student Entrepreneurial Venture Competition in Des Moines.

The money prizes will help the team implement their food technology into Uganda, South Sudan, and El Salvador this summer. The team is also in the process of working to expand to half a dozen more countries affected by malnutrition by the end of next year.

The team consists of Ella Gehrke, Elise Kendall, Clayton Mooney, and Mikayla Sullivan.  You can follow the team’s progress:


Twitter: @KinoSolag

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