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Where will you take up roots?

Iowa State University has a reputation for excellence. That reputation is evident throughout the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences and its faculty – who lead one of the largest undergraduate enrollments in the country.  Known throughout campus for being accessible, engaging and world-renowned, our staff passionately addresses the global challenges of the 21st century.  With Global Resource Systems, you can grow your network and knowledge while making a difference… together.

Global Resource Systems studies the way the world uses its limited resources to create sustainable systems. With award-winning faculty from experienced, diverse backgrounds, the Global Resource Systems program offers a strong community of skilled faculty, advisors, and support. Our staff is passionate about our students and their learning while at Iowa State and beyond. By integrating social, agricultural and natural sciences, GRS courses explore how to efficiently use the world’s resources on a global scale. GRS classes are collaborative in nature and allow students from a variety of disciplines to explore some of the world’s most pressing issues, sparking discussions and solutions that will stick with you long after final exams are done.

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