The Major

Pack your bags for the adventure of a lifetime.

You’ll need a backpack and a suitcase for this major. An education in Global Resource Systems involves far more than classrooms, lectures and books. You will understand complex resource issues and become an expert in the global economy, learning it in the most effective way possible…by experiencing it yourself.

Our version of field trips involve flights around the world. Our version of networking means connecting environmental, social and economic disciplines. And, when we say read, we mean you’ll be flipping through textbooks and your passport booklet.

This major allows you to dedicate your life to overcoming challenges and making a difference in the quality of life around the world. You will develop and understand strategies for using human and natural resources to positively impact local and global resources.

A life-changing education isn’t the only thing you’ll gain

  • Global competencies
  • Cultural understandings
  • Technical specialties from College of Agriculture and Life Science majors and minors
  • Language skills
  • Transnational leadership skills

Reach milestones while reaching your potential

  • Global internships completion
  • Senior research projects
  • Service learning projects completion
  • Immersion experiences