Establish & Grow

Want to end world hunger? Plant yourself in Uganda.

You can make a world of difference in different parts of the world. Started by students who participated in the Uganda Service-Learning Program, Establish & Grow raises funds to foster student-led service learning projects that fight food insecurity and malnutrition in the rural Kamuli District of Uganda.

Put Down Roots.

Our students planted themselves in Iowa to raise funds that help others bloom around the world. Community dinners, celebrity auctions, Melon Mania, and Beads for Beans are just a few examples of valuable service-learning projects. We are already making a difference, interested in supporting us? Additional funding can help assist the day-to-day interventions of severe malnutrition and to support educational efforts, gardens and small livestock to prevent future chronic malnutrition. For more information, see the website below:

Establish a fundraising project and watch the children grow!

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