GRS in China: Food and Agriculture Course

June 1

The Global Resource Systems major led it’s second Food and Agriculture study abroad trip to China in May 2017. Sixteen GRS students studied how social, economic, and natural resource systems impact food and agricultural production, processing and consumption during their two-week abroad course. The course was led by GRS Advisor, Maggie Sprecher, GRS lecturer, Dr. Kevin Duerfeldt, and Horticulture Associate Professor, Dr. Shui-zhang Fei. The class traveled from Beijing south through rural districts and ended in Shanghai.  Highlights included hiking the Great Wall and touring the Forbidden City, observing the poultry production chain from hatching chicks through processing and product development, touring farms, and discussing international agriculture commodity trading with the USDA foreign service office in Shanghai. The course is supported by Global Resource Systems, the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences, and Cargill.

Students prepare to hike the Shuiguan section of Great Wall of China.

Student Participants: Jack Burns, Isaac Anderson, Peter Lewis, Amy Boyce, Kylee Joiner, Emily Howell, Elizabeth Atukunda, Emma Robinson, Madison Lapke, Anne Marie Greenwood, Izzy Worrall, Sammi Naranjo, Liz Hada, Aryaa Regmi, Katie Stringer, and Bree Williams.