Globe 401 Poster Session Held for Fall 2017

December 6

The Global Resource Systems 401 course is a upper-level course for students who have completed their international internship. Students write a project or research report, often related to topics they explored or conducted research in while abroad. On Wednesday, November 29th, 27 students presented their project posters in the South Ballroom of the Memorial Union. A few photos from the event below:

Erica Henderson – Homegrown nutrition: The impact of home grown feeding on micronutrient consumption in children ages 0-16

Kara Gardiner – Measuring field-level biodiversity and sustainability of supply chains

Meiling Wong – Investigation of pollen nutrition on honey bees’ health: Do pollen diets diversity enhance the immune system of the honey bee?

Amelia Rinker – A systematic approach to nutrition integration

Joi Latson – Assessing adoption practices promoted by the nutrition education centers

Ezequiel Ramirez – Gralssland biodiversity impacts by nutrients, climate change, and herbivory