Five ISU Students Complete Peace Corps Prep

May 23

Students, faculty, staff and friends joined to celebrate the completion of the Peace Corps Prep program by the Spring 2017 graduating cohort on May 4th. The Peace Corps Prep program prepares highly qualified graduates for global development work and provides a competitive advantage for Peace Corps applicants. Iowa State University is the only school in Iowa to offer this certificate and it is administered through the Global Resource Systems major.

Five graduating seniors were recognized for their program completion, pictured below: Samantha Kanselaar (GRS and Dietetics), Anna Wilcox (GRS and Nutritional Science), Maria Arevalo (Chemical Engineering), Martin Ramirez (Mechanical Engineering) and Nick Jackosky (GRS and Environmental Science).

Samantha Kanselaar has accepted a position with the Peace Corps in Botswana that begins in Summer 2017.