Gonzalez Featured in University Relations Publication

May 1

Globie Christina Gonzalez is featured in a publication by the Iowa State University Relations titled, “Iowa State University graduating senior destined to make a world of difference”. Christina will graduate on May 6th, 2017 and plans to pursue a career in the foreign service. The article begins,

“Christina Gonzalez probably inherited her spirit of adventure from her mother, who left family and friends in Mexico at 18 to seek a better future.

By all accounts, Mrs. Gonzalez found that future. The young woman who spoke no English in 1992 is fluent now, and earned her GED and American citizenship. And her daughter is about to be the first in her family to graduate from college.

Christina Gonzalez will celebrate with her immigrant parents when she graduates from Iowa State University on Saturday, May 6, with a bachelor’s degree in global resource systems and minors in anthropology and political science.

“I really thank my mom for pushing for education and for me to get a college education,” Gonzalez said. “She was only able to attend school to the 6th grade in Mexico, so she really values education.”

To this day, Gonzalez faithfully follows her mom’s rule about missing school: If you’re not feverish or vomiting, you’re going to school. Because plenty of people who want to, can’t. . . ”

Read the feature here: Iowa State University Graduating Senior Destined to Make a World of Difference

Congratulations, Christina!