GRS 401 Poster Session Held November 29th

December 7

On November 29th, 15 Global Resource Systems students presented their final poster project for the Globe 401 course. This 401 course is a capstone within the GRS major, and allows students to complete a research project on a topic related to their international internship.

These 15 students presented on a variety of topics including: “Impact of Green Roofs on the Environmental Quality of Urban Areas”, “Healthcare in an emerging economy: A comparison of Indian and American Healthcare”, “Employment in the Agricultural Sector of Zimbabwe”, “Dissolved Ozone Flotation as a Viable Wastewater Treatment Method in Brazil”, “The Fight for Ethnic Identity Along China’s Western Periphery” and more.

Remarks were made by Dr. David Acker and refreshments were enjoyed be all attendees. The Global Resource Systems program is very grateful for the students, staff, faculty, and guests who made this event a success!

Want to learn more about the GRS capstone project? Check out information on the GRS major here: The Major – GRS


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