GRS students present at poster session

April 23

PHOTO: GRS students present their senior projects and internship posters.


On April 22nd, six Global Resource Systems students presented posters for their GLOBE 401 and/or their GLOBE 321 courses.  GLOBE 401 is a senior project course that allows students to pursue a research project in collaboration with faculty that complements and furthers a student’s experience from GLOBE 321 (the international internship experience) while simultaneously bringing into focus the entire four-year experience.  Dean Acker gave brief comments and students were presented with the coveted pen, given only to GRS students who have completed their senior research project.  Two students, Anne Dinges and Hannah Baysinger, presented posters from their NCUR experience last week.

Congratulations and well done on your presentations!

PHOTO: 401 students presenters left to right – Abigail Von Handorf, Skyler Brazel, Shana Hilgerson, Dorothy Masinde (GLOBE 401 Lecturer), Nicole Bowden, Anne Marie Greenwood, Jace Hadish.