Saul Abarca Orozco

  • Assistant Teaching Professor
  • Global Resource Sytems
  • Global Resource Sytems
  • 259 Horticulture Hall
  • 2206 Osborn Dr
  • Ames, IA 50011
  • Phone (515) 294-5855
  • Email
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Ph.D., Sustainable Agriculture, Iowa State University, 2015
M.S., Agricultural and Applied Economics, University of Georgia in Athens, 2007
B.S., International Business Administration, Universidad Veracruzana, 2003

Teaching Responsibilities
GLOBE 201 – Introduction to Global Resource Systems
GLOBE 303 – Agricultural, Food and Natural Global Resource Systems
GLOBE 304 – Socio-Economic Global Resource Systems
GLOBE 401 – Senior Project

Select Referred Publications

  • Israel, G.D., Sari, H.I., Owens Duffy, N., Galindo-Gonzalez, S., Diehl, D. C., Abarca-Orozco, S. J., García Varela, Elder., H. Sweeney L.B. (2020). Procedures for Improving Self-report Measurements to Capture Behavior Change: An Illustration. Journal of Human Sciences and Extension. 8(2), 165-185.
  • Kropp, J.D, Abarca-Orozco, S. J., Israel, G. D., Diehl, D. C., Galindo-Gonzalez, S., Headrick, L., & Shelnutt K. P. (2017). A plate waste evaluation of the farm to school program. Journal of Nutrition Education and Behavior. DOI: 50.10.1016/j.jneb.2017.10.005.


Research and Global Engagement
Dr. Abarca Orozco is an assistant teaching professor in Global Resource Systems and a researcher who has worked with farmers, Latino youth, and minority groups. He has conducted research on Mexico’s citrus industry and Fair Trade-Organic coffee farming. In the US, he has focused on researching local food systems, access to land for Latino beginning farmers, youth entrepreneurs, and evaluating the Family and Nutrition Program in the Department of Family Youth and Community Sciences at the University of Florida. He has also conducted a study on plate waste in school cafeterias in Florida. Dr. Abarca is interested in researching resource systems issues in countries such as Mexico, the US, Uganda, and the Central America region.